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Nigella Sativa and scientific studies

  • nigellasativa history laboratory

    In 1959, a group of Egyptian doctors led by Dr Muhammad Dakhakhnî managed to extract the active principle of Black seed Oil. They called it “Nigellone”. They injected it on test animals and proved that it has no toxic nor harmful effect and that it has the property of dilating the bronchial tubes. This is why it is recommended in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis.

    But it was in the middle the 1980s that modern medicine got more interested in the virtues of the Black Seed “Nigella Sativa”. The main author of the first advanced study is Dr Ahmed al-Qâdî, an Egyptian doctor living in the USA. His friend Shaykh al-Zandânî explained that Dr al-Qâdî thought that “as this Black seed was a remedy for all ailments it should act on immune system, which is responsible for the defense of the body against diseases”. Indeed, after experiments on patients who suffered from immune insufficiency, the doctor managed to show that taking Black Seed increased the antibodies and significantly reinforced the immune system. From this, Dr al-Qâdî figured out the essential role that may have this seed in the treatment of all diseases caused by a deficiency of the immune system. Zandânî added that the results of the experiences were approved by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and that Dr al-Qâdî was rewarded for his research.

    Dr Hassan Chamsi Pacha (cardiologist) says that « the [previous] experimental studies indeed did show that Black seed had the ability to reinforce the immune system, and consequently the faculty to increase to body abilities to fight microbes and viruses.

    A study made by King’s College, London, and published in 1997 showed that Black seed oil was composed by two oils: volatile oil that contains its active principle “thymoquinone” at the rate of 0.45% and fatty oil at the rate of 33%. Researchers confirmed that this volatile oil was efficient in decreasing articular inflammation. The study also confirmed the ability of the Black seed to prevent from the proliferation of microbes.

    Other studies noticed Black seed virtues in the treatment for asthma and bronchial tube inflammation. Another study showed that Nigella Sativa increased the macrophages ability to absorb some parasites called “polymorphonuclear leukocyte parasites”.

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