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Human beings and animals have a special type of relationship and had been coexisting ever since the world begun. They may not be physically alike but according to research, human beings and animals are physiologically and anatomically similar.

As a result of the similarities that exist between human beings and animals, medication for humans can somehow be used to animals such as the Black Seed Oil for Horses. However, there'll always a limitation to anything.

Black Seed has a long history as a diversely beneficial herb. For over three thousand years, people have used the Black Seed to cure numerous ailments and to maintain and improve general health. The earliest usage of Black Seed is traced back to the Assyrians in ancient Egypt. The Assyrians called Black Seed "tin tir" and took it orally to cure stomach problems. They also used to use it externally for the treatment of eyes, nose, mouth, and inflammations of the skin such as rashes, bites, and sores.

We have already offered you the Black Seed Oil for Humans. Now, the laboratories have formulated a special type of Black Seed Oil made especially for horses.

The new Black Seed Oil for Horses had been proven and tested by naturopaths and veterinarians here and in other countries. It had been used to help prevent diseases and make sure your Horses are healthy, alive and kicking!


The Black Seed Oil is made from the extract of Nigella Sativa seeds which are 100% pure and organically farmed in Egypt.

Having the same origin and qualities as the Black Seed Oil for Humans, the new Black Seed Oil for Horses has 6 primary actions that benefit your beloved horses.

1. Boosts Immune System

The Immune System is designed to protect your horses from potential diseases, viruses or bacteria that threaten your horse health. However, horses' immune system is known to be extremely complex. According to Glen Gamble, DVM, a veterinarian from Riverton, Wyo, there are three things that comprises the complexity of the horses’ immune system: stress, nutrition and age. Boost your horse's immune system by using the Black Seed Oil for Horses that will help you in keeping them healthy and stress-free.

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2. Anti-bacterial Power

Your horses are exposed to different bacteria that exist in its environment. Basically, with an enhanced Immune System, your horses can repel bad bacteria without showing any sign of sickness. However, with an inadequate immune system, bacterial diseases will occur. They will replicate and spread within your horses' body. Good thing that the Black Seed Oil for Horses have an anti-bacterial power that not only enhances your horses immune system but also protects them from bad bacteria.

3. Anti-histamine Action

There are two most common allergies for horses: skin allergies and respiratory allergies. Using anti-histamine tablets which humans use can be harmful to your horses. To avoid much complications to your horses’ health, the Black Seed Oil for Horses have its own anti-histamine action that could ease your horses’ allergic reactions and prevent it from reoccurring again. Moreover, please take note that a clean and healthy environment for your horses is one big factor too.

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4. Anti-inflammatory Activity

The anti-inflammatory ability of the Black Seed Oil for horses can help relieve and prevent serious chronic diseases such as Arthritis. Although, making sure that you keep your horse moving by exercising can help relieve arthritis. Letting your horses’ take Black Seed Oil will strengthen its joints, muscles and nerve tissues. Also, it would help your horses be on track on its dietary condition.

5. Antispasmodic Force

A healthy horse requires a healthy food diet and nutrition. Not being able to provide nutritious food to your horses can comprise their immune system and may result to various gastrointestinal diseases such as colic, the number one medical cause of death among horses. Technically, colic refers to the pain in a horse’s abdomen. Sometimes giving correct and healthy food are not enough to supply the required supplement of a horses' body needs. Giving your horses Black Seed Oil can provide 100% nutritional supplements to your horses and guaranteed that your horses will be healthy, alive and kicking!

6. Bronchodilator Effect
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Respiratory diseases of horses such as heaves and chronic respiratory infection brought by an allergic reaction to airborne particles have no cure. Thus, treatments for your horses are maintained for life. Environmental management, prevention of exposure to allergens, environmental management and a bronchodilator drug that provides relief of airway obstruction are common treatments for heaves. Instead of using a bronchodilator drug, you can use Black Seed Oil for Horses as an alternative which is pure and organic that has a bronchodilator effect.


Remember that taking care of your horses is not a simple job to do. It requires a great amount of time, money and effort to provide your horses the best in all aspects. When your horses are secured with regards to their health, then you’re probably doing everything right in handling them. Never hesitate to read further and research more on how to keep your horses’ health safe and sound. As they say, “prevention is better than cure.”


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